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Hold a Dog for Ransom, Go to Jail



    Hold a Dog for Ransom, Go to Jail

    Two people are being accused of holding a 7-month-old dog for ransom after it escaped from its owner's car this weekend, Folsom police said.

    Britney Parkerton lost her Chihuahua, named Roo, when she stopped at a 76 gas station on Iron Point Road on Saturday night, police said.

    Roo has an micro-chip and an identification collar.  Parkerton said a man called her to let her know he had the dog.

    But, police said, the man wanted $200 to return the dog.

    Parkerton called Folsom police. As part of the police officers' plan, the man was offered $600 to return Roo.

    The dog was brought back to the gas station, police said, and the person who returned him took an envelope with the ransom money.

    Officers said they stopped the suspects' car a block away and arrested Adonison Gunther, 31, of Oakland and Marisa Jackson, 21, of Elk Grove. They were booked on suspicion of extortion, possession of stolen property and conspiracy.

    This article originally appeared on KCRA.com.