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Netflix Wants You to Ditch The DVDs

New deal means more movies to watch



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    Netflix has been on fire lately.  Seemingly recession-proof, the Los Gatos DVD renter and movie streamer has seen subscriptions rise along with its already sky-high stock price, even as the overall economy has most of us cutting back.

    The company knows that even in rough times, we love entertainment, and it's doing what it can to make sure we can get it faster than ever.  Having been inside the Netflix delivery warehouse, watching robots sort and send DVDs is very impressive.  But that's only part of it.  Now, Netflix is making aggressive moves to get you to spend less time waiting for DVDs in the mail, and more time streaming movies and TV shows to your computers and mobile devices.

    The latest move:  Netflix rolling credits on a deal with Epix, which brings movies from Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM into the fold.  Beginning September first, you'll be able to stream movies from those studios straight into your house, boosting the number of "Watch It Now" titles available on the site.  The more instant movies you decide to watch, the less Netflix has to pay to mail you your DVDs.  Profit margins have been going up lately, and Netflix (NFLX) shareholders have been reaping the rewards.

    There are still some Netflix watchers who are skeptical about whether Netflix can keep rising.  And they have a point.  Subscribers are a fickle bunch, and who knows how many might cut back if the economy stays slow.  So, Netflix is already responding, moving forward with what it does best:  bringing you more movies, and making it easy.  This will be fun to watch, one download at a time.

    Scott was an early Netflix adopter.  He can be followed on Twitter@scottbudman