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San Francisco Zoo Holds Naming Contest for Baby Gorilla



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    San Francisco Zoo
    Congresswoman Jackie Speier holds a one-month-old baby gorilla, who is yet to be named, at the San Francisco Zoo.

    The San Francisco Zoo has kicked off a naming-contest for its newest addition – a one-month old baby gorilla. 

    Congresswoman Jackie Speier visited the zoo Friday to observe the renovations of its Elinor Friend Playground, scheduled to open Thanksgiving weekend, but also took time to hold the female baby gorilla and officially kick-off the naming contest.
    Speier held the baby, whom she called a “little princess”, and said it was an honor to be involved with the naming process.
    “It’s wonderful to involve Bay Area residents in selecting a name for this adorable baby,” she said.
    Members of the public are encouraged to submit their name choices via email to The contest will remain open until September 17 – the gorilla’s two-month birthday. 
     Three top contenders will be chosen from the submitted names and the public can vote through donations online or at the zoo. Participants can vote with any size donation and as often as they wish. Every dollar will go towards the gorilla’s care.
    The first name to reach $50,000 in donations or have the highest amount of donations at the time the baby gorilla goes on exhibit – whichever comes first – will be chosen as the winner.
    Her anticipated debut is scheduled for early November if Zoo specialists determine she’s ready.
    Until then, she will be viewable to the public for several hours a day through a closed-circuit television feed at the exhibit.