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Teenager Runs for Mayor of Fremont



    Fremont Teen Runs For Mayor

    Aziz Akbari is 18 and running for Fremont mayor. He joins a cast of five others running for three open seats. Cheryl Hurd reports. (Published Friday, Sept. 21, 2012)

    Aziz Akbari is poised and has political knowledge well beyond his 18 years. Akbari has a desire to be the next mayor a Fremont.
    “Even though I’m young I have everything it takes to make sure we have everything to solve the problems here in Fremont, " Akbari said.
    Fremont is Akbari’s hometown.

    He graduated from Washington High school two years ago.

    Right now, he’s majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in computer science at USC.

    If he wins, he’d be the city's first mayor of South Asian decent, and, obviously, its youngest.
    “I think the main thing to focus on is what I have to offer,” Akbari said.
    There are questions of what he has to offer the 15th largest city in California and the 4th in the Bay Area.

    If you want to dwell on his age, he says it’s just a number.
    “I worked on Pete Stark's campaign back like four years ago when he was running," Akbari said.
    He was only 14 then.  The mayoral candidate said he has been interested in politics sine he was eight or nine years old.
    That’s not enough experience for one of his opponents who happens to be the city current vice mayor.
    "There were questions about his ability to handle job creation and he hasn’t held a job ability to balance a budget when he hasn’t had a job,” Fremont's Vice Mayor Anu Natarajan said.

    In an email Friday, Akbari disputed that claim, saying that he's held a job since the eighth grade and was currently employed at a Fremont accountin firm, which he did not name.