• San Francisco Oct 25, 2019

    Smarter Scammers: Crooks Using Clever Schemes to Get More Victims Over the Phone

    Unwanted robocalls seem random, but the next one you receive might not be random at all. NBC Bay Area exposes how today’s scammers tailor their calls to personally target you — and you might unknowingly be helping them.

  • Donald Trump Feb 12, 2019

    Trump Calls for Investment in Artificial Intelligence

    The U.S. on Monday released its plan to become the world leader in artificial intelligence, nearly two years after China laid out its own playbook, NBC News reported. President Donald Trump’s executive order explained his administration’s views on developing artificial intelligence but left open a major question: Where’s the money? “Money talks when it comes to government priorities, and new...

  • San Jose May 2, 2018

    Former Netflix Exec Faces Federal Fraud Charges for Alleged Kickback Scheme

    A former Netflix executive is facing federal fraud charges after accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks from partner companies, according to court officials who unsealed a federal indictment Tuesday.

  • Daniel Macht Apr 4, 2018

    Panera Bread's Website Leaked Customer Records: Report

    Panera Bread’s website leaked customer records for at least eight months, according to cybersecurity blog KrebsOnSecurity, which claimed that millions of accounts were affected. Panera Bread disputed that number, telling Reuters that the company believed fewer than 10,000 had been potentially affected. KrebsonSecurity reported that the records included names, email and physical addresses, birthdays and the last four digits of...

  • Attorney Mar 14, 2018

    Former Equifax Exec Hit With Insider Trading Charge

    A former Equifax executive who sold stock for nearly $1 million before the company’s massive data breach was publicly announced faces insider trading charges. Federal prosecutors announced Wednesday that a grand jury indicted Jun Ying, the former chief information officer of Equifax’s U.S. Information Solutions. They say Ying exercised all his available stock options and sold his Equifax stock after...

  • NBC Nov 22, 2017

    NY Attorney General Blasts FCC Over Public Comment Process on Net Neutrality

    New York State’s attorney general has accused the Federal Communications Commission of refusing to assist in his efforts to investigate an attack on the agency’s public comment system that used the identities of New Yorkers. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman revealed the investigation in an open letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Tuesday, stating that the agency’s system was “corrupted” by...

  • United States Sep 16, 2017

    Equifax Security and Information Executives Retire After Data Breach Disclosure

    Equifax said Friday that its top information and security executives were retiring, effective immediately, as the company reels from its disclosure last week that it suffered a data breach potentially affecting 143 million people in the U.S., CNBC reported.

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