Summer Olympics

  • Tokyo Olympics Jan 15

    How Alibaba Plans to Change the Olympics

    Chinese tech giant Alibaba wants to be a game-changer at the Olympics with its cloud computing and other services. Alibaba is perhaps best known globally as an online retail platform. But Alibaba chief marketing officer Chris Tung has detailed plans to change how broadcasters, fans and organizers experience the Olympics.

  • Tokyo 2020 Jan 9

    IOC Details Rules on Political Protests at Olympics

    Olympic athletes have been told which protests will not be allowed at the 2020 Tokyo Games. That means no taking a knee and no political hand gestures. The IOC Athletes’ Commission has published a three-page guidance document after consulting with competitors. Athletes wanted clarity about how a long-standing ban on political protests in venues would apply in practice. Political opinions...

  • Los Angeles Jul 22, 2019

    Californians Aim to Represent in Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020

    More than 11,000 athletes from around the world will gather in Tokyo to compete in next summer’s Olympics — and, of those 11,000, California could see a record number of its athletes on the roster.

  • NBC NEWS Jul 22, 2019

    Tokyo Olympics: With 1 Year to Go, Costs, Ticket Demand Rising

    The countdown for the Tokyo Olympics has hit 365 days. To mark the year-to-go mark, the gold, silver and bronze Olympic medals are to be unveiled Wednesday as part of daylong ceremonies around the Japanese capital. Tokyo’s 1964 Olympics showcased bullet trains, futuristic designs and a new expressway, underlining Japan’s recovery following World War II. Those games were the first...

  • Los Angeles Sep 6, 2017

    Brazil’s Top Olympic Official Questioned Over Alleged Scheme to Land Rio Games

    The 2016 Rio Games were already marred by trails of corruption, and billions of public money spent and several useless white-elephant venues spread around the city. Things got worse Tuesday when police raided the home of Brazilian Olympic Committee President Carlos Nuzman, questioning him over his role in what French and Brazilian authorities say was a vote-buying scheme to land...

  • spokesperson Jul 24, 2017

    Japan Marks Three-Year Countdown to Tokyo 2020 Games

    Japan began its three-year countdown to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on Monday with concerts, races and other events meant to drum up public enthusiasm for the games. The 2020 Games will be Japan’s first summer Olympics since the 1964 edition in Tokyo. After a rocky start, organizers are gearing up to get the public more involved. A 15-day, 1,000-kilometer (about...

  • Los Angeles May 5, 2017

    Putin Hints at Russian Desire to Bid for Summer Olympics

    Russia seems to be gearing up for another Olympic bid, according to Vladimir Putin. The Russian president told Olympic historian David Miller in an exclusive interview that his country has plenty of candidates capable of hosting the Summer Games, not just Moscow. “Apart from the capital of our country, we have a number of cities which could potentially host Summer...

  • King Aug 11, 2016

    Ageless Olympians: Meet the Inspiring Over-40 Athletes Competing in the 2016 Rio Games

    With the oldest checking in at 61, these tough sportsmen and women prove that there’s no wrong time to dream big.

  • Jun 11, 2016

    Clayton Diver Prepares for Rio Olympics

    56 days to go until the Summer Olympics in Rio, and diving fans are hoping for a comeback from Clayton’s own Kristian Ipsen.

  • London Jun 11, 2016

    Kristian Ipsen: Clayton Diver Preparing for Summer Olympics in Rio

    The Summer Olympics in Rio are just around the corner and diving fans are hoping for a comeback from Clayton’s own Kristian Ipsen.

  • coach Aug 6, 2016

    In Rio’s Olympic Water, It’s All About Avoiding the Splash

    There’s a contradictory mission for rowers competing in this year’s Summer Olympics. Get into your boat, work your hardest — but try to avoid the water. And definitely don’t swallow it. On Saturday at the polluted Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon — the venue for Olympic rowing — rowers bleached the handles of oars. They swished with anti-bacterial mouthwash, kept water...

  • London Jul 26, 2016

    The US Women’s Basketball Team Has a Decidedly UConn Flavor

    Coach Geno Auriemma wanted to have the best talent available to him. So it was no coincidence that when the U.S. Olympic Women’s Basketball Team was constructed, those in positions of responsibility within basketball operations were able to find a five-person unit with whom Auriemma had long-standing ties. When the team attempts to win its sixth straight Olympic gold medal...

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