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As a globetrotting American in Paris, London, New York, Latin America and anywhere else stylish trendsetters like to flock, Suzanne Aaronson - a Senior Business Developer in the Media & Entertainment word - enjoyed culture blending: finding & adding in elements from around the world to enrich her life. In the process, she quickly developed a reputation amongst well-heeled friends of being the go-to gal for everything fabulous, even turning her special knack into a side business, Suzanne's Files.


"Quality, not luxury, is my sweet spot," she notes, explaining that when someone would come to her for advice, if she didn't know the answer, she'd find someone who did. As her golden rolodex grew to include over 300 savvy, interesting people she dubs The International Collective, she also ended up filling a giant armoire with notes about the best places to go, stay, eat shop, and be well-serviced worldwide. "The files read like a friend would tell you. My quest continues to find the best and leave the rest, and I love to share with those who seek authenticity, quality, and that something special." And when holiday shopping rolls around, what does a doyenne of everything delicious recommend as an alternative to throwing cash at the problem? "Some of the greatest gifts cost nothing - or next to nothing. People appreciate when one takes their precious time to 'create' a gift or even just conceptualize it."

Some of her picks:

  • Giving_a_holiday_gift
    create a music compilation that can be added to their mp3 player
  • make a box of memories waiting to happen: write up list of memories you want to experience with them - from the normal to the sublime - and wrap it up beautifully in a keepsake box
  • create a Snapfish booklet of photos that are relevant to them

For more clever, (virtually) free gift ideas - check out Musings from the Curator of Suzanne's Files.

- Lesley Scott

(image above right via A Taste of Carolina)

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